FAQs for Out of State Residents

Questions and Answers on Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement

If my DUI in Illinois was years ago can’t they just clear my Illinois Hold without a hearing or out of state packet?

NO! The Secretary of State can only clear a revocation by an out of state packet or an Informal or Formal Hearing. 

If I just do nothing and wait will my Illinois Hold go away?

NO! When a person is revoked that revocation will stay in effect until the person goes through the hearing process. 

Do I need to do any more treatment before the hearing even though I did treatment years ago after the Illinois DUI?

It all depends on your history since the Illinois DUI and other factors. Most of our previous out of state clients did not have to do additional treatment and the ones that did only needed to complete a 10 hour remedial education program. 

Can’t I just go to an evaluator in my current State and get an evaluation that says I do not have a problem and send it to Illinois and they will clear my Hold?

NO! The Secretary of State of Illinois has very specific requirements as to documents needed to complete a hearing with them. As a result of this a lot of out of state packets include information furnished by out of state evaluators that do not comply with the Illinois Secretary of State requirements. This results in extended delays in completing the out of state packet and usually results in a denial. 

Doesn’t it take years to clear an Illinois Hold?

NO! Our firm usually can get an out of state client to a Formal Hearing within two months from being retained and if the client is eligible for an Informal Hearing it may be even quicker. It all depends on the client’s history and other factors. Our firm will determine your timeline during the initial phone consultation.