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Finding Help in Schaumburg for License Reinstatement

If you are living in the Schaumburg area and your license has been suspended or revoked, contact John M. Quinn & Associates Ltd. We have over 23 years of experience helping clients with DUI license suspensions, revoked licenses, and license reinstatement’s.

How to Handle an IL Revoked License

Having your driver’s license revoked or suspended can cause severe hardship. Until it happens, you may not appreciate how much you rely on driving. Even if your job does not involve driving, you will still probably have to commute daily to your workplace. Without a car, this can mean having to rely on public transportation and taxis, both of which can cost far more than using your own vehicle.

A suspended license is less serious. At the end of the suspension period, your license is automatically reinstated after payment of a fee. With a revoked license, even after the revocation period has ended the license needs to be reinstated. The process usually involves copious amounts of paperwork and a hearing with the Secretary of State. If you live in Schaumburg or surrounding area, contact JMQ and learn how we can help you.

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    Over the years, we have honed our procedure to achieve one of the highest success rates for revoked license reinstatement in Illinois. We are extremely thorough in our process, as even one simple mistake can lose the case. Applying for license reinstatement should not be attempted on your own. It involves time-consuming, arduous work, and the submitted petitions must be spot on. Laws on DUI license reinstatement vary from state to state. If you live in Schaumburg, you should choose an attorney who is familiar with the particular laws in Illinois .

    At John M Quinn & Associates Ltd, we work hard to prepare you for your hearing in front of the Illinois Secretary of State. You can have a license revoked for multiple toll and parking violations, inadequate insurance, or unpaid child support. A drunk-driving charge can commonly lead to a revoked license.

    IL Hardship Drivers License

    Schaumburg DUI License Suspension

    A first DUI offense in Illinois is defined as a misdemeanor, and usually leads to a DUI license suspension. This can be upgraded to an aggravated felony charge, for example, if driving without a license or causing a serious injury or fatality.

    We may be able to restore restricted driving privileges. There may be good reasons for you to continue driving at certain times of the day. You might be able to claim undue hardship if you have no other reasonable means to get to your job, take your kids to school, or receive medical treatment. In these circumstances, a Restricted Driving Permit, or RDP, can be issued.

    How We Can Help With a License Reinstatement

    For our clients in Schaumburg, we fight hard to restore their right to drive, however grave the circumstances. We offer a 30-minute free consultation where we can discuss the facts of the case in a comfortable setting.

    Hire John M. Quinn & Associates Ltd, and you will receive the help of an attorney with exhaustive knowledge of how Illinois state law can affect your license. We can help ease the pain and anguish of living without a driving license. We will book your license reinstatement hearing, prep you for it, and file for an RDP if appropriate. We will also complete the paperwork and obtain all proofs. If there are mitigating factors or evidence of legal flaws in the original charge, we will investigate these to the fullest. 

    If you try doing all this on your own, you risk being overwhelmed by the legal complexities. Make better use of your time. Free yourself from the stress by hiring an excellent attorney at John M. Quinn & Associates Ltd.