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Mr. Quinn was professional, courteous, and honest throughout my hearing process with the Illinois Secretary of State. He accomplished everything we set out to do in a timely manner and the results were as anticipated. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Edward V.
Tinley Park, IL

It was a pleasure working with John throughout my hearing process. He and his staff were always able to respond to my many queries. John’s expertise and help were invaluable during the process. I sincerely appreciate your help and support.

Sonny R.
Decatur, IL

I was completely satisfied with Mr. Quinn and his office. They handled my case quickly, professionally, and with a favorable outcome. I could not have asked for anything more and am thankful they were recommended to me.

Bob G.
Sycamore, IL

I thought I could go through the hearing process myself. I sent in for the paperwork and was overwhelmed by all that it entailed. John and his staff sifted through everything and told me exactly what was necessary to obtain my driver’s license. There were no surprises along the way. Kudos to John and his staff!

Michelle C.
Arlington Heights, IL

I had a wonderul experience working with John and his law firm. They were always efficient in getting back to me with any questions or concerns I had throughout the process. If it were not for him always pointing me in the right direction, I would not have my driver’s license today. Thank you very much.

Katie A.
Roselle, IL

I feel that John and his whole staff handled my case great. They told me exactly what I had to do and did not sugarcoat it. If I had any questions they answered them right away. I think the best thing about them was their honesty. They told me exactly what we had to do to get my license back on the first try and we did. I would refer them to anyone who needed them. I would like to also thank them very much.

Jason S.
Hanover Park, IL

I was referred to John Quinn after two unsuccessful hearings. He was able to work with me via phone, due to my distance and was very informative. He was not only able to fix what previous lawyers managed to mess up, but he prepared me so well that I was approved for a Restricted Driving Permit the first hearing he took me to. If I ever come across someone who needs a lawyer in regards to reinstatement I will always recommend John M. Quinn & Associates.

Lori B.
Ingleside, IL

John Quinn and his staff were very professional and made me feel at ease and informed me at every step of the process. We never went to a hearing that we weren’t going to win. We were always prepared for that hearing as well. I would recommend John to any of my friends, if they had to go through this painful process.

William N.
Oak Brook, IL

I have nothing but good things to say about John Quinn’s firm. I trusted him completely and the end results were just as he promised. I would gladly send anyone to him in the future. Thank you John M. Quinn & Associates for all your hard work. I know I made the right choice putting my trust in your firm.

Darren P.
Elmhurst, IL
My experience with Johns firm was absolutely perfect! He walked me through everything step by step and prepared me perfectly for my hearing. He’s not like other attorneys. He actually kept in contact making sure I did everything the state required me to do prior to my hearing. I highly recommend him to represent you with any dui problems cause he will be upfront with you about every single thing before you hire him. He made sure I was not nervous and very confident when being questioned. Hes an excellent lawyer.

Mr. Quinn is a hell of a good man! He is straightforward, honest and produces the results for his clients in a timely fashion! He didn’t promise things that he could not follow through with. He is a hell of a great attorney and I highly recommend him to anybody that needs his services!!

Chris Collins

John M Quinn & Assc. was excellent from start to finish on the handling of my reinstatement of my driver’s license. John is very friendly, he helps you too relax and be prepared. He’s very knowledgeable in the steps required to obtain your license. I would recommend them 10/10.

Lee Patterson

John M Quinn has helped me through a grueling journey with getting my license back. I couldn’t be more grateful for his guidance and support during this time. After multiple failed attempts on my own, John was willing to help me obtain my license the right way! I would highly him and his team!

Dan Gru

John Quinn and his staff is absolutely wonderful. From the first day what he told me what the process would be, he has delivered. I totally recommend this firm if you want the honest and best results.

April Cook

Absolutely 100% satisfaction with John Quinn. IL was giving me a hard time getting my drivers license back but John Quinn made it happen actually sooner than I expected. Would definitely recommend.

Gerald Schulz

John Quinn & his staff should be the only people you work when when you’re trying to get your driving privileges back. I have seen countless people in my time working with Mr. Quinn try and do the hearings themselves, only to be denied and end up hiring Mr. Quinn for their second hearing. But, they lose over 6 months in that process, when they could have just done the right thing and started the process with John. While I personally hope to never have a reason to need Mr. Quinn again, I will always recommend him to anyone who needs help getting their license back.

Luke Cowartr

My experience was good. John new what he was doing and talking about. Very professional. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again,I really appreciate it. Dan.

Dan Baker

John did a great Job restoring my driving privileges. Everyone was very informative and helpful. Thank you for everything

Mike Suski

Best lawyer in the business. This guy and his team get it done. I’ve used him 2 times now for dui hearings and both times I got breathalyzer and rdp, and soon after full reinstatement. If your trying to make a choice,look no further John Quinn is THE BEST.

Bryan Pfister

Highly recommend John and Quinn he got my license back I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the work he’s done for me money well spent


After 20 years I wanted the best. I got the best. If you’ve made some mistakes in your past on your driving record and want to put it behind you and get back on the road John M Quinn & Associates is the way to go. Money well spent

Tray Heinke

John and his staff are excellent in all areas of attaining driver’s license reinstatement. From preparation for my initial hearing, to acquiring a quality BAIID system for my car, and referral to a competent and friendly drug and alcohol evaluation clinic, JMQ & Associates never ‘steered’ me wrong!

Mike Orr

Mr. Quinn and his staff was aweson in handling my issue they made a dream come true again thank you all for everything that you did for me.

Reginald Noel

One very Pleasant experience with John and Jil, top Notch Representation and the amount of comfort you get from their character one never feels like a client instead the feeling of having a friendly and comfortable demeanor they are the best at what they do!

Humberto Chavez

Mr. Quinn and his associates were a tremendous help. Knowledgeable time oriented. Very informative. And a pleasure through the entire process.

Matt Reinert

Haven’t been there yet, going there later this year to get Illinois to give me back my Georgia driver’s license.

Charles Wasserman

Looking forward to a most positive experience. John is a top notch attorney. And it looks like he’s gonna have a top notch result with my case! Thx, in advance!

Kurt Eidel

Getting my license back was/is a daunting confusing and downright intimidating process. But hiring John was the best move I could’ve made.
This process is so meticulous and daunting you need a seasoned professional to guide you through and John is just that. If you want your license back, he’s your guy. I felt extremely comfortable and confident with John representing me I can’t recommend him enough.
I received a permit after my first hearing despite two dui’s and a tangled mess of other complications. John guided me to the right evaluator, and basically told me where to cross my t’s and dot my i’s. Now I’m just waiting for my full reinstatement letter. . Worth every penny. Thanks John

Bob Wayne

I would recommend John Quinn & Associates, I was very pleased with the case so far

JKC Renovations & Home Improvement

John, is nothing more than a complete professional and is extremely knowledged in his field. John took me to a hearing and i was in and out in 30 minutes with awesome results. His staff is very pleasant and they stay on top of everything. He has a knack for detail. I would recommend John for any of your legal needs!!!

Sean Langille

Honestly, you won’t find anyone better. His services are on the high side but your paying for decades of SOS experience and I can’t stress how important that is. He handled my hearing after my attorney took me to a formal hearing so unprepared it was over before it began.
A true professional with a competent staff who’s results speak for themselves. Gave me a $500 military discount AFTER he quoted me on a price. Thank you for everything, John.


John Haver

John and his team went above and beyond my expectations he handled everything accordingly and I honestly couldn’t ask for anything more he is very good at what he does and I’m glad I chose to go with John great experience overall couldn’t be any happier.-


I give John Quinn and his team 10 ⭐️ 👍🏽 He took my case 2 dui and a couple driving on revok he made me very comfortable with all the process and I got my DL reinstated well worth the money Good Job mr Quinn I definitely recommend hiring John m Quinn 👍🏽👍🏽


Great attorney he works for you not against you.

Mario Hayes

John did a great Job He help me with everything and he deserved what he got paid Thank You John M Quinn

Barbara Wall

Great service very helpful a group that communicates and listens

Jaygo Nor

Great guy very friendly. Very helpful and knowledgeable

Brian E

Great man will fight for you

Jason Mangini

Worth every penny!!!!!!!

Don Roddan

Amazing Service

Vicki Mitchell

I CANNOT say enough about the impeccable quality of service I have received from Mr. Quinn and his associates!!! I’m am still awaiting my final decision but have no doubt it will be favorable!!!

Michele McConville

John is great. He explains everything that is going to happen and when. He knows the system and how it works. He always talks to you in a positive way which is very reassuring.

Ron K

He will get you on the road 😎great guy

Anthony Crafton