Illinois Revoked Drivers License

What is a Revoked Driver’s License?

While a first DUI offense may be punished by a temporarily suspended driver’s license, the more severe punishment, for multiple offenders and DUI related felonies, is having your Illinois driver’s license revoked. Even though it sounds final, there are ways to regain your driving privileges, especially if you are willing to make changes and take the necessary steps. John M. Quinn & Associates, Ltd. can help you throughout the process of recovering your IL revoked drivers’ license privileges.

Limited Driving Privileges

For individuals who do not have alternative means of transportation to attend a job, school, or medical treatment, it is possible to regain limited driving privileges, even if your Illinois driver’s license was revoked and you are not eligible for a probationary permit. You may be given a permit that allows you to drive only certain routes at certain times. For more information about IL hardship driver’s licenses, feel free to call us today. 

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    IL Revoked Drivers License

    Application to have an IL Revoked Driver’s License Reinstated

    It may also be possible to have your Illinois driver’s license reinstated after it has been revoked. There are many things you must prove in order to qualify for your license being returned.

    These include but are not limited to: 

    • Undertake alcohol or drug rehab or education and/or be evaluated for alcohol or drug problems
    • Request a Secretary of State Hearing
    • If approved:
      • Pay a fee for reinstatement
      • Complete IL driver’s license exams-vision, written and driving 

    Handling the paperwork and complexities of the hearing when it comes to a revoked Illinois driver’s license can be overwhelming. If you would like the assistance of an experienced firm, contact John M Quinn & Associates to schedule your FREE 30 minute phone consultation today.

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    Additional Information on IL Revoked Licenses

    At John M. Quinn & Associates, Ltd., we will do our best to provide you with quality representation so you can get your life back in order after having your Illinois license revoked. The process of reinstatement is long and complicated, and one false step could lead to denial. We go over every aspect of your case to ensure that you have the absolute best shot at having your driving privileges restored.

    In Illinois, your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked by the Illinois Secretary of State for any number of reasons, such as DUIs, as well as much more. Suspensions and revocations both indicate that you have lost your driving privileges. However, the difference is, suspensions typically have an end date, while having your license revoked means that you have lost your privileges and must have a hearing to have that license reinstated.  

    The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office has undertaken a variety of modifications in the last 25 years as a result of the increased emphasis on DUI regulations. Consequently, there has been a growing number of cases of suspensions and revocations of driver’s licenses in IL. Public view towards alcohol and drug related driving offenses have also drastically changed, which has led to more stringent regulations and policies of the Secretary of State’s Office.

    The minimum length of a revocation based on a DUI-related offense completely depends upon the number of offenses for which you are convicted of, as well as the specific conditions surrounding your DUI:

    • 1st  conviction: 1-year revocation.
    • 2nd conviction in 20 years: 5-year revocation.
    • 3rd conviction: 10-year revocation.
    • 4th conviction: Lifetime revocation, but may seek driving relief after 5 years if residing in Illinois and after   10 years if you live out of state.

    Please keep in mind that DUI convictions can result in added criminal charges imposed by the court.

    If your driving privileges are suspended or if your IL driver’s license is revoked, it is important that you contact an attorney for a consultation. They will be able to supply you with details regarding hearing requirements necessary to make an application for regaining a certain level of driving privileges. Consultations are usually done free of charge.

    A consultation is recommended in order to begin the process of renewing your driving privileges after your license is revoked in IL. A formal, or informal hearing, will be held before the Secretary of State, and receiving a favorable decision is not guaranteed. The Secretary of State does require either an informal or formal hearing for all Illinois motorists dealing with a license revocation. A hearing will lead to either reinstatement, denial of your driving privileges, or approving a restricted driving permit or probationary permit.

    Illinois Secretary of State hearings are normally held under complicated and complex rules and administrative regulations. This fact, combined with the tough stance IL has on revoked driver’s license, often leads to denials from the Secretary of State.

    If you are approved at a hearing, you will probably obtain a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP), or probationary permit. A RDP or probationary permit is usually the stepping stone to reinstating your driver’s license. Although a driving permit comes with specific limitations, it does enable an individual to drive to work, school, and any regularly scheduled medical consultations if granted an RDP or the ability to drive 6 days a week / 12 hours a day for any reason if granted a probationary permit. These permits are useful, due to the fact that they provide you with relief from the hardship of a suspended or revoked license.

    In some instances, in order to obtain a RDP, you have to have the ability to prove that not having your license would cause you and your family what is known as “undue hardship”. Examples of undue hardship are as follows:

    • A failure to maintain your job status
    • A lack of an ability for your children to get to school
    • An inability to get to essential medical visits

    If the Secretary of State agrees to grant you a RDP or probationary permit, you will need to satisfy additional requirements, such as giving proof of insurance and paying a small issuance fee. If a DUI conviction is included, the state may require you to install a breath alcohol ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

    Due to the many requirements that must be satisfied prior to obtaining a RDP or probationary permit, it is beneficial for you to retain the services of a reinstatement attorney who is knowledgeable and is up to date on all the laws and regulations regarding driver’s licenses being revoked in IL. Here at John M. Quinn & Associates, Ltd. we have extensive experience in the field of driver’s license reinstatement for numerous years, and are happy to apply our knowledge and service toward your case, so you can get your life back on track.