How Long Does It Take to Reinstate a License After a DUI in Illinois?

Have you recently lost your Illinois driver’s license? Do you know how long it takes to reinstate a license?

Every year in Illinois, nearly 40,000 drivers are charged with a DUI. Whether they were driving just a few blocks in Chicago, or across the state, driving under the influence is dangerous behavior.

Once you have lost your license, you may be wondering how long it takes to reinstate a license in Illinois. In general, police, prosecutors, and families take the charge very seriously, so it is important that you show remorse for your actions.

In the meantime, while you’re trying to reinstate your license in Illinois, follow these important steps.

Deal with Previous License Suspensions/Revocations

If you’ve lost your license due to a DUI in Illinois, you will find that reinstatement is greatly influenced by what else is on your driving record.

If there are unpaid fines, you must pay them. Your license won’t be reinstated if you didn’t pay a previous traffic ticket. Once your license is in good standing, you can be considered.

Walking into court with a long list of infractions against your license is a bad look. Prevent a harsher charge by making sure your record as clean as possible.

A Hearing with a Secretary of State Officer

When it’s time to have a hearing with an officer you’ll present your case and any information that will help show that you’ve tried to improve your behavior.

You should speak to a lawyer before you go to this hearing. Your lawyer can help you prepare for the common questions you’re likely to encounter, and help you understand what they want to hear from you. Your lawyer will also make suggestions for actions to take to make your driver’s license look good and improve your chances of having it granted.

If necessary, see which lawyers can offer a free consultation.

Sometimes taking a driving course may improve your chances of getting the support of the hearing officer. If you complete the course before the hearing, bring a certificate proving that you took the course.

With the right combination of evidence and a sincere approach, you’ll be able to get past the loss of your driver’s license.

Pay the Fees

You’ll be responsible for fees once the hearing is over. Be sure that you’ve saved up enough money for reinstatement.

You’ll be expected to pay the court fees

You also need to have paid the reinstatement fee for your license suspension or revocation. The amount you have to pay will be dependent upon many factors.

Undergo a Substance Evaluation

Depending on the reason for your suspension or revocation , you’ll be asked to submit  an evaluation. 

Before you attempt to get your license reinstated, you may need to go through this process.

You may be required to do treatment. While it may be upsetting at first, in the end, you could find that it gives you a newfound perspective on the situation.

How Long Does it Take to Reinstate a License?

If you’re wondering how long it takes to reinstate a license in Illinois, the fact is that it all depends on your unique situation . If you’ve committed several DUIs, you might be facing a longer revocation than average.

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