How to Get Back Your Revoked Driver’s License in Illinois

Having your driver’s license revoked creates a lot of hardship that you will have to deal with on a daily basis. We often take for granted just how much driving we do every day.

If you’ve had a revoked license in Illinois, you may think that you’ll never be able to drive again. However, by taking a few steps, you can start the process of gaining your freedom back.

Let’s go over the ways that you can get your revoked driver’s license back in the state of Illinois.

More Than a Suspension

Many people use the terms “suspended” and “revoked” interchangeably, but when it comes to your driver’s license, it’s very important to understand the difference.

Typically, suspensions are caused by relatively mild infractions. You can get your license suspended for having too many moving violations within a year or driving without a proper license. Suspensions happen for more serious offenses as well.

If your license has been revoked, it is typically for more serious offenses. This includes getting a DUI, engaging in street racing, and committing any kind of felony with your vehicle.

Because a revocation is more serious than a suspension, it maybe more difficult to get your driving privileges back. 

The Hearing

One of the chief steps in getting your license back is to attend a hearing. There are two types of hearing that you can attend: a formal hearing and an informal one.

The primary difference between the two is the process. Informal hearings can be held all throughout the state, including at many DMV locations and is only done with a hearing officer present. Meanwhile, formal hearings are typically only held at four locations: Chicago, Joliet, Mount Vernon, and Springfield and have a hearing officer and a prosecutor present.

With informal hearings, the hearing officer will ask all of the questions and you (and your attorney) will provide the answers. 

Formal hearings are more like the trials you have seen on TV. The prosecution and defense take turns presenting evidence and asking you questions, including questions about your driving record. Keep in mind that you will be under oath the entire time.

Both types of hearings end with the hearing officer eventually making a recommendation. The final decision will come directly from Springfield.

Who Gets What Hearing?

You now know the differences between the two types of hearings. That leaves an obvious question: what kind of hearing are you likely to get?

The good news is that most hearings are informal hearings. You are only likely to get a formal hearing if your license was revoked under certain circumstances.

For example, multiple DUIs typically results in a formal hearing, as does any driving offenses involving death. 

Other formal hearing circumstances include requesting reinstatement from out of state and getting a Restricted Driving Permit after your existing Monitored Device Driving Permit has been canceled.

What Are My Odds?

The long and the short of it is that your driving fate is in the hands of the hearing officer and, in formal hearings, the state. That leaves another obvious question: what are the odds that you will get your license back?

Unfortunately, the odds are relatively low. Many applications are denied because the person was unprepared.

On the other hand, these hearings are like any other case. That means you can take certain actions in order to improve the odds of getting your license back.

First, you’ll need to prove that you are no longer a risk to other drivers. 

Second, it’s good to demonstrate that the loss of your license has placed an undue hardship on both you and your family. You may be able to demonstrate things like lost income due to the inability to drive and how this has caused financial hardship for your family.

It might go without saying, but the more serious the case against you is, the harder it is. It’s one thing if you only have a single DUI under your belt and can claim that it was a one-time indiscretion, but someone with multiple DUIs is a repeat offender and they will be nervous to get you back on the road.

Give Yourself the Edge

As you know, the odds are stacked against you in both formal and informal hearings. This is where the professionals come in.

Part of what makes hearings so intimidating is that you might feel alone, and it’s a tall order to expect someone to learn the intricacies of Illinois law well enough to make a case before a hearing officer.

By hiring an attorney, who specializes in this area, you can stack the odds in your favor. Not only do such lawyers understand the relevant law to help you out, but they have a working relationship with the other professionals who will determine your fate.

Obviously, hiring an attorney is not a magic bullet to help you win your case, but it does help make you much likelier to get your license back.

Revoked License in Illinois: Get Your License Back

Now you know what to do when you have a revoked license in Illinois. However, do you know the attorney who can help you beat the odds?

We specialize in helping Illinois residents get their license back. To see how we can put your license back into your hands, schedule a free consultation today.

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