How Much Does it Cost to Reinstate Your Illinois Driver’s License?

The risks of driving on a revoked or suspended license in Illinois are severe. On top of a misdemeanor charge on your criminal record, you’ll face a fine of up to $2,500 and a mandatory sentence of ten days in jail and you could forfeit your car.

Still, losing your Illinois driving privileges can be a major inconvenience and threat to your livelihood. Essential life activities like getting to work, going to the doctor, and buying groceries suddenly can become significant obstacles.

It might be tempting to get behind the wheel despite the consequences. Before you make a mistake you’ll regret, find out how to reinstate your driver’s license with the help of a reinstatement attorney.

How To Reinstate Your Driver’s License

The license reinstatement process differs depending on whether your driver’s license was suspended or revoked. While you cannot legally drive with a revoked or suspended license in Illinois, they are not the same thing.

When your license gets suspended, it means your driving privileges are deactivated for a set period of time. When your license gets revoked, it means you lose your driving privileges until you do a hearing in front of the Secretary of State.

Thus the process of getting a revoked license reinstated is much more complicated than getting a suspended license reinstated. A reinstatement attorney can help you navigate this process and get the outcome you deserve.

Whether your license was suspended or revoked, you can expect to pay a reinstatement fee.

Illinois License Reinstatement Fees

Each type of driver’s license suspension or revocation requires its own reinstatement fee. Reinstatement fees differ based on the severity of the reason for suspending or revoking the license. 


To get your license reinstated after revocation, you will need to pay a $500 fee per revocation. This fee is the same for all revocations, regardless of the reason for revoking the license.

Common reasons for getting a driver’s license revoked in Illinois include DUI, repeated car accidents, leaving the scene of an accident, and fleeing a police officer in a vehicle.

You can also get your license revoked if you are convicted of certain drug crimes and sex crimes while in control of a vehicle.

Statutory Summary Suspension

In the event your license gets suspended for DUI, the reinstatement fee for the first offense is $250. The reinstatement fee for each additional DUI-related suspension is $500.

Underage Drunk Driving Suspension

Anyone charged with driving under the age of 21 years old with any alcohol or substance in their system is subject to having their driving privileges suspended. The fee to reinstate a suspended license for underage drunk driving is $70.

Field Sobriety Suspension

Illinois police officers have the right to stop and give field sobriety tests to anyone who appears to be driving under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances.

If you fail or refuse a field sobriety test, your license can get suspended. This is called a statutory summary suspension. The reinstatement fee for a first offense is $250. The fee for each subsequent offense is $500.

Mandatory Insurance Conviction Driver’s License Suspension

The state of Illinois has a mandatory insurance law. It requires all drivers to carry liability insurance. This insurance covers the costs of any injuries and damages that might occur in an accident.

If you get caught driving without valid insurance, you can lose your driving privileges. To get your license reinstated after a mandatory insurance conviction will cost $100 per suspension.

You may also need to pay a mandatory insurance fee for the suspension of your license plate as well.

Unsatisfied Judgment

You may receive an unsatisfied judgment suspension if you are at fault for an accident, but your insurance premium was not enough to cover the damages you caused or you were uninsured.

In this case, your license will get suspended until you can compensate the other driver in full or enter an installment agreement with the other party. 

Solicitation of Towing Suspension

It is illegal for a towing company or tow truck operator to simply stop by the scene of an accident or a disabled vehicle and offer towing services. Tow trucks need to be requested and dispatched to the towing location.

The fee for reinstating a driver’s license after a towing solicitation suspension is $100 per incident.

Family Responsibility Suspension

DHFS can order the suspension of an individual’s driving privileges for failure to pay child support for 90 days or more.

To reinstate a license after a court-ordered child support suspension they must pay the outstanding amount or enter into an installment agreement.

Get Help From an Illinois Reinstatement Attorney

Losing your driving privileges is a struggle, but getting your driver’s license reinstated doesn’t have to be. A knowledgeable reinstatement attorney can help you navigate the process so you can get back behind the wheel sooner.

Enlist the help of an experienced  reinstatementattorney to reinstate your driver’s license in Illinois. Contact John M. Quinn & Associates for a free consultation today.

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