When do I Need a Lawyer for DUI License Reinstatement?

Being pulled over is always a stressful situation, especially if you’ve had a few drinks that night. If you happen to be charged with a DUI, then you’ll have a host of new issues to deal with, including how you’re going to get your license back.

What is the process for DUI license reinstatement and do I need to hire a lawyer?

Having a DUI attorney on your side is never a bad idea when handling your case. Here’s why you should hire one and how to handle your license reinstatement.

What do DUI Attorneys Do?

DUI lawyers provide a variety of services for their clients. First and foremost, they offer their clients legal advice to help them through court hearings. They build a strong case in defense of their clients and fight to help get you your license back.

An attorney can either prove you not guilty of your DUI charge or otherwise resolve your case to your benefit. This may mean helping you with alcohol education programs or other court-required programs to rehabilitate you. An attorney is there to get you through your case as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When to Hire a Lawyer for a DUI 

There are some cases where you may believe you don’t need a DUI lawyer’s help. However, there are circumstances that make hiring an attorney essential for your case.

The first thing an attorney can help you determine is whether or not your blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at the time of your arrest. Each state has a different limit past which you can be charged. You can talk with your lawyer about your state’s DUI laws to determine whether you really were over the legal limit.

There are also compounding situations that may make talking to your lawyer crucial to your success in court. For example, if any property was damaged when you were charged with a DUI, that could worsen your charges; you should always have an attorney present in order to discuss these charges on your behalf.

What to Expect from the Reinstatement Process

The license reinstatement process follows certain steps that you are expected to take. This process may change depending on the exact situation you are in. However, it generally happens through these steps.

First, you may be required to take alcohol education programs or other similar programs by the court. You may also be expected to pay a fine or attend a driving course to test your abilities. 

You may be required to attend a hearing before you are able to have your license reinstated. You absolutely must show up to your hearing! Your attorney should accompany you to present your case to anyone involved in the hearing.

Finally, you will have to pay a fee in order to get your license reinstated. This is on top of any fees related to your DUI charge. 

Tips to Help Your Case

There are a few things that you can do to improve your chances at a hearing. To start, dress professionally on any court dates and show up on time. Being well-groomed will show that you are taking the steps needed to improve yourself.

Speak professionally with anyone presiding over your case. Being disrespectful in court will only worsen your current situation. Always address the judge as “your honor” unless instructed otherwise.

Take your time and perform any tasks that the court requires you to do. The best thing you can do is take accountability for your wrongdoings and show that you want to improve yourself.

If you are ever in doubt about how to act or what to say during your court case, talk to your lawyer and listen to what they have to say. They are trained to handle these situations and will help you in whatever ways they can.

Get Your License Back Today

You don’t have to handle the DUI license reinstatement process alone. With the help of a reinstatement attorney, you can get your license back in no time. Remember, if you are ever in doubt, schedule a consultation with a reinstatement lawyer for more information before diving into your case!

Do you know someone who is currently revoked?

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