December 2018
Attempting to Reduce DUI Charges
A DUI charge does not necessarily mean you were drinking and driving. It can include driving while under the influence of prescription medications, or even over-the-counter ones. However, the penalties are usually the same for each infraction.  Whenever you have been charged with DUI, whether it is for alcohol or for medications, trying to have […]
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What Rights Do Illinois Drivers Have at Sobriety Checkpoints?
In 1990, the US Supreme Court decided that despite the Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens from searches and seizures, sobriety checkpoints are completely legal. The argument is that checkpoints are ways to protect the innocent from drunk drivers. If you are living in Illinois, and encounter a sobriety checkpoint, it’s vitally important that you understand […]
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Driving Without a Valid Driver's License in Illinois
While there are no verifiable stats, there are many more unlicensed drivers on the road than you think. The reasons people choose to drive without driver’s license might vary, however one thing remains true. Unlicensed drivers make the roads a safety hazard for themselves and everyone around them. If you’re considering driving without a license in Illinois, […]
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Should I Go to DUI Counseling?
A DUI charge is a long an arduous process that is not something that can be taken care of over the weekend. Handling the aftermath of the charges can take weeks, or even months. When you’re faced with steep fines, the possible loss of your license, and even jail time, you want to look into any […]
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My Illinois Driver's License Was Suspended: What Do I Do Now?
As it stands in almost every state, driving is a privilege, not a right. Because of this, your driver’s license can be suspended or revoked for a number of reasons, these include unpaid traffic tickets or a DUI. As we all know, people make mistakes, and sometimes these mistakes can lead to major hardships in our […]
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