May 2022
The Most Expensive Drink of My Life: Consequences of Underage Drinking
Alcohol is sweeping America’s minors away. In a 2019 survey, 29% of high school students said they drank alcohol at some point during the previous 30 days.  Illinois takes the problem of underage drinking seriously. That’s why the legal consequences of underage drinking are so severe. Before you get an underage drinking ticket or charge, […]
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How Does a Naperville DUI Charge Affect Professional Licenses and Certifications?
DUIs are sweeping across Illinois. 20,131 drivers were arrested in Illinois for DUIs in 2020. 90% of these drivers lost their driving privileges.  But losing your driver’s license isn’t the only thing you lose after a DUI charge. A DUI can lead to you losing your professional license, even if you aren’t found guilty. Before […]
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