May 2019
The Consequences of DUI: How to Get a Revoked License Reinstated
Illinois takes DUIs very seriously. In 2009, it doubled the penalties for first-time offenders. If the police arrest you for a DUI, you can see your license suspended automatically for six months. After a DUI conviction, the minimum license revocation is a full year. Those on their second or third convictions lose their ability to […]
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How to Handle a Suspended License for Traffic Tickets
When you get your driver’s license the first time, it is made very clear that if you abuse the privilege, it could be taken from you. We know that DUI convictions, reckless driving, and drag racing can all result in the temporary, or even permanent loss of a license, but did you know that you can […]
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What to Do When Your Driver's License is Revoked
The DUI laws in Illinois were established in 1958, applying to individuals with a blood alcohol content of .15. Then on July 1, 1991, the Cannabis Control Act, or Illinois Controlled Substances Act, went into effect, thereby expanding the definition of driving under the influence.  These laws have changed the limits at which people can drive legally while intoxicated, and the laws […]
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How Much Will a DUI Cost You?
Over 1.5 million people are arrested annually for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is a crime in every state to operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and if you are caught driving under the influence, chances are you will receive a DUI. However, a DUI conviction varies from […]
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