December 2022
Can I Get My DUI Reduced in Illinois?
Illinois is suffering from drunk drivers. Almost 1,200 Illinois drivers died in car accidents in 2020. Roughly one-third of these drivers had blood alcohol levels above legal limits.  That’s why Illinois DUI laws are so strict and prosecutors so zealous. When you’re facing DUI charges, you may be looking at months in prison.  What are […]
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Can a Passenger Get a DUI in Illinois?
A DUI in Illinois, like most places, can be a dark stain on your driving record. It may lead to damages or loss of life. But what happens if you just happen to be a drunk passenger? When an officer of the law pulls you over, it may seem like all bets are off. Fortunately, […]
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How to Avoid Legal Drama This Holiday Season
Did you know that being arrested for a DUI is one of the most common reasons why someone would have legal drama this holiday season? Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. If you get caught driving over the legal limit, you may get a massive fine. There are also incidents where people […]
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