September 2019
What to Do After a First Offense DUI on Prescription Medication
When we hear the words, “driving under the influence,” most people automatically think of driving after they’ve been drinking. In reality, the term DUI encompasses being under the influence of a variety of substances, including prescription drugs. Drivers tend to think that the risk of driving under the influence of these substances is not as serious. […]
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Understanding Your Rights for a DUI Stop in Illinois
27,046 DUI arrests were made in Illinois in 2017. If your car gets pulled over for a DUI stop, you are probably wondering what your rights are.  Can you refuse a breathalyzer test? Will there be a field sobriety test? Can police officers search your car without permission? Let’s take a look at some important facts. The […]
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What Are the Chances of Failing a Field Sobriety Test While Sober?
It may surprise you to know that field sobriety tests only have 66-77% accuracy, and the majority of DUI arrests in Illinois get based on field sobriety tests. Yet only 77% of horizontal gaze nystagmus tests, 68% of walk-and-turn tests, and 65% of one-leg-stand tests are accurate.  This begs the question, could you fail one of these tests […]
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