September 3, 2019
Understanding Your Rights for a DUI Stop in Illinois
27,046 DUI arrests were made in Illinois in 2017. If your car gets pulled over for a DUI stop, you are probably wondering what your rights are.  Can you refuse a breathalyzer test? Will there be a field sobriety test? Can police officers search your car without permission? Let’s take a look at some important facts. The […]
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What Are the Chances of Failing a Field Sobriety Test While Sober?
It may surprise you to know that field sobriety tests only have 66-77% accuracy, and the majority of DUI arrests in Illinois get based on field sobriety tests. Yet only 77% of horizontal gaze nystagmus tests, 68% of walk-and-turn tests, and 65% of one-leg-stand tests are accurate.  This begs the question, could you fail one of these tests […]
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