October 27, 2022
Insurance & License Reinstatement After a St. Charles DWI
Experiencing a  DUI charge can be a scary and confusing situation. What are the potential consequences? Will you lose your license? It can be difficult to know where to begin to overcome this charge. There are a variety of methods to attempt to repair the damage of having a St. Charles, Illinois DUI on your […]
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How to Get Your Suspended or Revoked License Reinstated
Look out for your license! Though 8.5 million Illinois residents are licensed drivers, thousands of people experience license suspensions or revocations every year.¬† You should expect issues with your license sooner rather than later. Yet you don’t have to sit by while the state confiscates your license. You can get a reinstated license as long […]
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Driving High and THC Levels in Illinois
In the US, there are over 6 million car accidents each year. Unfortunately, many of these would have been entirely preventable if drivers would have taken certain precautions. For example, driving while high is something that many people engage in, but it can come with a large number of consequences. In some cases, you could […]
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Apple Developing iPhone Feature To Prevent Drunk Driving
Did you know there were over 6,000 DUI arrests in Illinois in 2021? Unfortunately, this means that a large number of people had their licenses suspended or revoked. To help combat this issue, Apple is developing a feature for the iPhone that would prevent people from driving while under the influence of alcohol. This will […]
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